Monday, 5 December 2011

Shanghai Tour: know the history and culture of the city

In this discussion, we will describe about how Shanghai Tour can be exciting for the global tourist and what places would be the must-visit for them.  In that case, we will see different places to visit in this write-up.  While we are heading towards China, we must visit at least two places of this country and they are Shanghai and Beijing. Shanghai is famous for its contribution in the commercialism. Different financial centers and commercial buildings are present in this place. We can see the presence of Hangzhou Bay in the south and East China Sea in the east of the city. When we look at the west side of the city, we can see the presence of Zhenjiang and Jiangsu provinces. And at the north part of the city, Yangtze River is present, which is pouring into the East China Sea ultimately. When it is the central part of the coastline of the China, we can see the easy accessibility of the transport to any place of the world. This city is known to be the most important international port city in the western-pacific region.

In case of Shanghai tour, we should also get the information about several geographical or historical details. In this place, we can see the presence of 13 historical sites under state protection. We will also see the several characteristic gardens, which were built at the time of Tang, Yuan, Song and Qing dynasties. We can also see the existence of different types of buildings, which are adding more value in the architectural development of the city. Oriental Pearl TV tower is found to be the most mentionable skyscrapers in China.  We can also see the presence of People’s Square, which is contributing in the field of urban landscape. This place contributes indifferent Western-style architectures. Due to the overwhelming change in the China’s economy, this city is known to contribute in the foreign business and commercialism. Contribution of Shanghai city in the commercialism and industrial expansion is found to be more than the capital city, Beijing.
Apart from the Shanghai city, we will also disclose about expansion of the tourism in the Beijing city. And, we will also disclose about several must-visit places of this city, especially about the Great Wall of China. Also, we will come to know about the presence of the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City etc.

Due to the presence of the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this place is found to be one of the most desirable destinations for the tourist.